Sunday, September 5, 2010

HL2RP- Civil Protection behaviour.

I'm a unit, how should I act towards a citizen?
As a Recruit 05 or a 04. I can totally understand you being nicer. However; Be mean as well. Keep that firm voice that's says 'I am authority, do not disobey.' I wouldn't beat people for just looking at you or anything. Hell, when I was a 05 I hesitated to beat citizens. That is why I came up with improvised punishment. My character at that time did not like beating people. He hated it with a passion and cried over it at times. He then found a way to avoid beating people, but keep his position. He began to make citizens do things most people would think were unthinkable. I made a citizen eat the pages of a contraband book. When a citizen did not pay attention to me I made him eat ten tokens from his pocket. When a citizen ran I would make him run up and down the stairs twenty times and tell him to get out of here. Things like this encouraged both citizen roleplay and Civil Protection roleplay. I got a kick out of it and the citizen had fun as well.

But we must remember that units are trained to protect civil society. They keep fear in citizens in any way possible. You must remember that you are constantly watched via security camera or other methods by higher command. You MUST beat people. You MUST punish citizens in some form or way. If you don't, A unit will beat the shit out of you until you can no longer breath. Units are disciplined. Higher command units turned them from residents into monsters. Units are constantly in fear themselves if they are recruit. Or if you have a reason to be. That unit was so easily angered. I simply walked up to him and he gave me a stern final warning; To move along or face a verdict. I failed to obey and I had the shit beat out of me. I honestly did nothing more and nothing less. He was so easily angered at me. He was a fucking animal. This is the way units need to start acting. But we must also remember to expand our vocabulary aside from just a few '<:: Move along!' '<:: Move it!'
It's foolish. Remember; In the beta files units constantly talked with one another. It kept them human. It kept them company. Each unit had either a feeling of being alone or a feeling of being with everybody. Being the major part of a structure containment.

Remember when she talked about overwatch stopping their train in the woods? This obviously happened often. This also proves that citizens knew ICly what overwatch were and what they looked like. It's a possibility that overwatch even spoke to the citizens about the reasoning. Which also means they were given the order to keep the citizens brainwashed about what was really happening. This means that OVERWATCH had a expanded vocabulary. Most likely everyday citizens didn't know about stalkers, or they just didn't speak about them. I mean honestly; Your living in a depressed environment, who is going to talk about stalkers? Now the resistance knew about them. 'They won't make a stalker outta' me' was exclaimed jokingly. I believe most citizens knew about it. Resistance knew about it and so did civil protection. Let's keep in mind that Barny was not brainwashed at all.. This means that he was a very low ranking unit.

Probably a 05 or a 04. It seems that civil protection knew alot about ongoing operations. However; Their knowledge is only limited to the city it's self. They know nothing of outside it. They may occasionally patrol the outlands or something. I am curious as to why certain units had weapons. Such as the unit you see wielding a sidearm as you approach the Nova Prospekt security gate in city seven-teen.

Units also operated the console inside the area, this means units knew about Nova Prospekt. But most likely were told it's something different. I have no doubt in my mind that most of the units ICly in Hl2 went under severe mental stress. They were transformed into monsters. I believe that as Civil Protection we should have badges. Or some sort of thing we can ICly add onto our armbands or something. Like a honorable reward given by only sectoral command. It can be updated next to your name on the roster so all can see the award you received. It would be canon and give units something to work for.